We invite you to join May 1st Labor Union (G1PS)

The employed, studying, unemployed, and others who are at least 14 years old may become members of G1PS. Individual organizations, trade unions inside a company or G1PS units may also be members.

Employers or their authorized representatives cannot be members of G1PS.

G1PS provides its members with:

  • Consultations on labor rights

  • At the employee’s request – representation in relations with employers

  • Arranging and signing collective agreements together with employees

  • Lawyer assistance, representation in courts

  • Advice and assistance in organizing with other employees in the workplace by creating a trade union unit, a separate trade union or by other means; also a space for meetings

  • At the employee’s request, publicizing cases of cheating, corruption and exploitation at work

  • When possible, financial and other material support

  • Right to participate in the management of G1PS  and the determination of its strategic direction

  • Protection of trade union membership information from any interested parties

Members’ Duties and Fees

Members of G1PS undertake to pay a monthly membership fee, to comply with the G1PS Statutes and Principles and to show solidarity with members and other employees.

Monthly membership fee – 1% of personal income. In some cases, a person may be exempt from tax.

To join the G1PS, fill in the membership form below.