Wolt will cover accident insurance for couriers!

From May 1st, Wolt is introducing workplace insurance for accidents at work.
?According to the information provided by Wolt, couriers will get insurance in case of dislocation of joints, fractures of bones (except fingers), as well as cover medical or dental treatments incurred as a result accidents while at work. In case of death, relatives are able to get a one-time compensation.
⛔However, the insurance will not cover expenses for you transport or cellphones and other equipment. As well, last incomes will not be covered by the insurance – the issue that is very important for gig-economy workers, because most of the people do not get compensations from State for sick-leave.
❌At the moment, Wolt is the only e. platform that covers insurance for its’ couriers. Unfortunately, other platforms (Bolt Food, Zitcity and others) have not shown any interest to solve this issue and provide at least a minimal safety net for their workers.
❗Our position – safe work cannot be a privilege and it is a essential for any worker. We believe that the insurance provided by Wolt is a first step improving the work conditions of couriers in Lithuania. 
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