G1PS supports an international campaign to cancel Ukraine’s foreign debt

Solidarity with Ukraine? Let’s write off public debt!
The Ukrainian people have revolted against the imperialist loot and continue to fight in a heroic war for their dignity and sovereignty. Now that Ukrainian civil society groups are asking for the country’s debt to be canceled, we must show that our solidarity is not just a slogan. Under the strict conditions of international creditors, Ukraine had to sacrifice the lion’s share of its budget after the Russian aggression in 2014 in order to pay off its debts. This country must now be relieved of this burden – it is more important than ever. In the face of Russian invasion, the country must supply armaments and food supplies to the army and territorial defense units. Resources are needed to protect the civilian population, provide housing for refugees and medicines for the injured. The money that Ukraine spends trying to cover its debt would benefit it here and now. Let’s cancel Ukraine’s debt!

Let us stop forcing Ukraine to pay its wrecking debt
Even before the Russian invasion, Ukraine was one of the poorest and most indebted countries in Europe. The decades in which corrupt governments acted in disregard to the people have weakened Ukraine’s economy and made it dependent on international loans. Russia’s aggression in 2014 only exacerbated the problem. After the economic restructuring of 2015, the debt burden of Ukraine has become unbearable. Every year, Ukraine has to spend about 10 – 15% of GDP to cover its debts. After giving so much money Ukraine can no longer develop its economy, it loses the money that is needed to save the state. Now that Ukraine must defend itself against Russian imperialism, the demand to repay debts becomes even more painful. Ukraine needs your support. Let’s cancel Ukraine’s debt!

An investment for the future
Bombardment and the targeted destruction of economic potential are costing Ukraine a great deal. According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, the losses in infrastructure and production have already reached 560 billion USD. We can be sure that Ukraine will need huge financial resources if it wants to recover from the war. If we want to help Ukraine, debt relief must be the first step. The current debt will be an obstacle to recovery, spending a large part of economic aid to cover it, and blocking the development of large-scale investment. By freeing Ukraine from this burden, we can create opportunities to invest in the needs of society and social spending, as well as opportunities to use the capital we need more freely. Ukraine must not be left to pay off its current debt and must not be condemned to new loans with equally strict repayment terms. Let’s cancel Ukraine’s debt!

The cost of debt must be borne by the European Central Bank
At the end of 2021, Ukraine’s external debt amounted to 130 billion USD. This is less than 1% of the annual GDP of the European Union. It would not cost us much to take over the debt settlement costs or to write them off altogether. At the same time, for Ukraine, it would guarantee big changes for the better. If we write off the harmful and unjust external debt of Ukraine, we will be able to help its society, which is fighting for its very existence. It will be an investment in Ukraine’s future – its reconstruction. This will free her from the clutches of the belt-tightening associated with the loans. There is no doubt about it. Let’s cancel public debt!

Let’s stop Putin
We have no doubt that Putin-led Russia has illegally attacked a sovereign state without any provocation. We are categorically opposed to a system in which a stronger force imposes its will on a weaker one – that is how we should view Moscow’s actions. Therefore, we must do everything we can to support Ukraine’s struggle against the  imperialist aggressor. Ukraine’s debt write-off is an effective way to support its fight against Putin. The money Ukraine spends to cover its debt can be used to strengthen its defense capabilities. They can cover the supply of armaments and food supplies to the army and territorial defense units. These financial resources can also be used to protect the civilian population, provide housing for the homeless and provide medicines for the injured. We must stop Putin. Let’s cancel Ukraine’s debt!


Help For The Refugees

The war in Ukraine has forced millions to flee their country and seek refuge in other countries. Peaceful people are withdrawing from Russia, and the number of working citizens of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other countries is growing in Lithuania. G1PS union provides free legal and material support to all people. We strive to ensure that people who come to Lithuania know their rights and are not deceived or exploited for profit. We will disseminate information in Ukrainian, Russian and English, and will help people who contact us. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are many unscrupulous businesses in Lithuania that can even use a war situation to earn extra money for themselves.
If you are looking for help or know about violations of employment rights, feel free to contact G1PS in a language that suits you: g1ps@g1ps.lt, +370 6 946 4695

G1PS joins international aid convoy to Ukraine

G1PS joins international aid to Ukraine
This week, a G1PS representative will join an international trade union aid convoy to Ukraine to meet trade union representatives and deliver humanitarian aid to democratic workers’ organisations in Ukraine.
This humanitarian aid is organised in cooperation with the Ukrainian social movement Соціальний рух and was initiated by the international trade union solidarity network: OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza (Poland), CSP – Conlutas (Brazil), Union Syndicale Solidaires (France) and Adl Cobas (Italy).
The convoy is an expression of international workers’ support against the Russian invasion.
If you want to support this humanitarian action financially, you can donate to the account of the Polish trade union Inicjatywa Pracownicza OZZ:
PL88 2130 0004 2001 0577 6570 0001
Volkswagen Bank
Purpose: “Donation for humanitarian aid convoy”

G1PS helps teacher win against private school

In February, we published a story about Stembridge, a private school in Vilnius, which has already been featured in several newspapers. Parents were paying €5,000-6,000 a year for their children’s education, but the school did not give employment contracts to teachers and tried to get away with paying pennies for contract work.
Today, we want to celebrate the news that the Labour Dispute Committee has ruled in favour of the teacher, represented by G1PS, who was not only awarded the promised monthly salary, but also pay for extra weekend work and interest for unpaid wages. The total amount of compensation awarded to Daiva amounts to more than €2,000 after tax. We congratulate Daiva on her victory in this six-month long case and wish her not to have to suffer such treatment by her employers.
If you are faced with employers reluctant to pay wages or recognize your employment relationship, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Celebrate 1 May with G1PS

We invite you to celebrate International Labour Day and spend Sunday afternoon together in Vilnius Vingio Park, in the barbecue area next to the pedestrian bridge over the Neris River.
The 1st of May coincides with Mother’s Day this year. To mark the occasion, trade unions are inviting you to talk about work that is still unseen and undervalued: caring for children or relatives, work that still falls largely on women’s shoulders.
As one crisis follows another, what keeps our spirits up in our daily lives? What does it mean to “balance” long working hours and taking care of relatives? Why has Lithuania made almost no progress on gender equality in the last decade, and how does this affect us? Are families really being torn apart by “culture wars”,  or is it more about financial insecurity? How do single parents survive? What do we, public authorities, trade unions and the NGO sector, need to do to change the situation for the better?
We must also think about Ukrainian mothers. The burden of caring falls even heavier on women in times of war. They are forced to flee, to work and to take care of their children and older relatives. And who will take care of them?
The microphone is open to your stories about how you manage to take care of yourself and your loved ones, what challenges different families and individuals face in these turbulent times.
The second part of the event is entertainment. There will be a trivia quiz about the labour movement (registration will be on site), a children’s area, board games and books to read and buy, and live music.
And for a picnic, there will be outdoor barbecues. Fuel will be provided by the organisers and everyone will bring their own food – you can share or not. For their part, the organisers promise to share with everyone.

Gegužės 1-osios piknikas: Ką reiškia rūpintis vieni kitais?

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* Note that support for trade unions in Lithuania has a separate line, so besides us, you will also be able to support other organisations. If you don’t support any of the trade unions, 0.6% of your tax will go back to the state.

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Free legal advice on labour law

Due to the war in Ukraine millions of people are forced to leave their home and seek asylum in other countries. Peaceful citizens of Russia are also fleeing the country. The number of working people from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and other countries in Lithuania is growing rapidly. The May 1 Labour Union (G1PS) provides free legal assistance and material help to all people, no matter where they come from. We strive to ensure that people who come to Lithuania know their rights and are not deceived or exploited for profit. We share information in Russian and English. Unfortunately, the current reality is harsh and there are still many businesses in Lithuania that can and will use even war for that extra euro of profit.
If you seek help or noticed any labour law violations, feel free to contact G1PS in any language convienient: g1ps@g1ps.lt, +37064881853

Celebrate solidarity with women

To celebrate International Women’s Solidarity Day on 8 March, G1PS invites you to participate in the following events:
In Vilnius, at noon – Day of Solidarity with Ukrainian Women at the Ukrainian Embassy. Lithuanian human rights organisations and activists invite you to support Ukrainian women and to dedicate this year’s 8 March to Ukrainian women.
In Kaunas, from 7 pm – International Women’s Solidarity Day at the social centre Emma. Readings (of your own writing or by someone you like) and then dancing for “disco without harassment”. The event: Drauge Švęskime Tarptautinę moterų solidarumo dieną
See you tomorrow! Wishing you all lots of love and strength in the struggle for a world of solidarity!

Cancel Ukraine’s public debt

Sign the petition to cancel Ukraine’s debt! 
Together with the Left Alliance, we have launched a petition in support of the Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian trade unions, which represent 5 million workers, asking the European Commission, the Lithuanian Members of the European Parliament and the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance to do their utmost to ensure that Ukraine’s external debt servicing costs are immediately transferred to the ECB for administration, with a view to writing it off completely.
Why is this important?
Decades of oligarchic schemes, corrupt appropriation of funds, the painful consequences of the 2007-2009 crisis and eight years of war in the Donbass have led to a significant increase in Ukraine’s total public debt. If in 2008 the public debt stood at $24 billion, this year it is $94 billion. Ukraine has become dependent on foreign creditors.
Today, a large part of Ukraine’s public spending goes to service external debt. For comparison, the country’s defence spending in 2020 amounted to 4% of GDP, while external debt servicing took up $18 billion, or 11% of GDP.
This debt is particularly burdensome for the Ukrainian public, since loans from the IMF and other financial institutions were granted with obligations to cut public services and to liberalise labour relations. The debt burden has prevented the Ukrainian state from strengthening the public sector, upgrading infrastructure, adequately financing healthcare and education, culture and transport.
Today, as we are watching the tragic events in Ukraine and as we seek to help the people of Ukraine, we must not allow financial institutions to continue to profit from their tragedy. In the face of war, it is essential for the European Union to raise the issue of Ukraine’s debt.
We therefore demand that the people of Ukraine be freed from the burden of foreign debt, which is indirectly crushing the country and making it more difficult to resist aggression. We call on the European institutions to consider also the possibility of creating a fund to support Ukraine.
The petition is supported by:
Social Movement of Ukraine (Соціальний рух)
Democratic Trade Unions of Ukraine:
All-Ukrainian Trade Union “People’s Solidarity” (Всеукраїнська профспілка “Народна солідарність”)
All-Ukrainian independent trade union “Labour Protection” (Всеукраїнська незалежна профспілка “Захист праці”)
People’s Trade Union (Народна Профспілка)
Ukrainian Agriculture Workers’ Trade Union (Profspilka pravtsivnikiv galuzіv land vідносин України)
Union of Physical Culture and Sports Workers (Profspilka працівників фізичної культури та спорту)
Partija Razem (Poland)