G1PS is a union for everyone who works. This organization can be joined by people of working age, disregarding of the field of work, social status, or citizenship. We welcome everyone who is motivated to pursue these aims together:

Democracy in the workplace: We are always on the side of workers and we encourage people to organize in their workplaces.

Sustainable economy: We agitate for additional taxing of unsustainable business profits and the richest members of society, then redistributing these resources towards public services and supporting environmentally-friendly economic practices.

Solidarity: We understand that we can only build a prosperous society by ensuring every person's safety and wellness, therefore we are strictly against any forms of discrimination and abuse.

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Do you have question about your labor rights in Lithuania?
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What you should do if you are not getting paid?

Be aware:

  • You monthly wage is paid on a date set in the contract

  • If you end your work (terminate the contract) all the wage, holiday payments and any other related money for your work has to be paid on the last day of work.

  • You can apply for unpaid money to the Labor dispute commission not later than three months after termination of contract.

  • Find more information on related articles in Lithuanian Labor code Article 147, 1st (delspinigiai) and 2nd (netesybos) parts. You can find the form for the Labor Dispute Commision on the Labor Inspection page: vmi.lt.

  • There are no costs for applying to the Labor Dispute Commission.

  • Contact us if you have more questions: g1ps@g1ps.lt

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