Branches of May 1st Labor Union may be established on the basis of workplace, occupational group or geographical area. Union branches can organise independently and aim to improve working and living conditions of their members and advocate economic and social rights. Union branch organisations may join and form associations to combine efforts for common goals. More information on how to establish a branch find in our statute.

Couriers Association

The association unites food delivery workers at Bolt and Wolt platform companies.

Ukrainians in Neringa

Association created by migrants and refugees from Ukraine which aims to improve living conditions, represent the community in Neringa.

International branch

A branch that is still in progress of creation. G1PS has worked with many migrants by helping to win back stolen wages or any other injustice. The branch would distribute information about labor rights in foreign languages, form policy proposals concerning migrants and foreign people's rights in Lithuania.

G1PS Kaunas

The oldest branch of G1PS. Many activities of this branch are closely related to Social centre EMMA.

G1PS Vilnius

The biggest branch of G1PS!

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We are happy to support new iniatives. Let us know about your ideas! Find out more on how the union branches can be established in G1PS statute section 9