Art Workers' Union (MDPS)

The Art Workers' Union represents workers in the visual arts. Our aim is to improve the environment for cultural work and the financial situation of art workers, and to promote solidarity and mutual support among art workers.

Who is an art worker? Working in the budgetary, public or private sector; on long-term or fixed-term employment contracts, with a service or author's contract, with a certificate of individual activity, etc. An art worker is not only an artist, but also a person working in the fields of education, graphic design, technical support, maintenance of premises and exhibitions, text editing, etc., who has a work relation with visual arts institutions, organisations, initiatives and private persons.

We would like to welcome those who would like to actively contribute to the internal activities of MDPS! You can become a member by filling in the May 1st Labour Union (G1PS) membership form. In the membership field, please mention that you are joining the art workers' branch. Once you have completed the application form, you will be contacted by a union representative within a few days.

Membership fees and rights
MDPS members pay a monthly fee of at least €5 by transferring the money to the general account of the May 1st Trade Union. MDPS members acquire all rights to receive support and to participate in the management of G1PS. For more information on paying membership fees, the principles and statutes of the organisation and members' rights to financial support, please click on the links below.



MDPS founding team

Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė,
MDPS spokesperson, Kaunas Branch Representative

Vaida Stepanovaitė
MDPS Coordinator

Agnė Jokšė
MDPS Vilnius Branch Representative