Yara EBS Labor Union

The Yara EBS branch of G1PS trade union was established in 2024, and represents members who work in Lithuania for the Norwegian company Yara, which numbers more than 500 employees in total working in Lithuania. Together we seek to improve the salary system, review job workloads and competences, ensure transparency, and facilitate cooperation among employees to resolve internal issues without fear of retaliation.

How to join the union?

You can join Yara EBS Labor Union by submitting membership form. After you submit the form, a union representative will contact you for further information.

What are the duties and rights of a union member?

YARA EBS acts according to G1PS Statute and Principles. Yara EBS members pay a monthly membership fee - 1% of person's net income (to hand) or not less than 5 euros a month. More about how to pay the fee, where the money is used and other fee related questions can be found here.

As a member of YARA EBS, you have a right to get professional representation and assistance by G1PS lawyers on all work related questions. You can receive financial help from union solidarity fund in emergency cases . As a G1PS member you can participate in qualification courses, vote for union decisions and take part in coordinating council. Find out more about membership here.

Does the employer know if I become a member of a union?

Participation in the union is a confidential personal information. The employer will not know about your membership only if you decide to disclose it. G1PS guarantees confidentiality for all its members of persons who contact for consultations.

Can I ask for a legal consultation if I am not a member of YARA EBS?

G1PS provides a free legal consultations for all people. Do not hesitate to contact us for help and advice before signing any kind of document!

However, only union members can be represented by union lawyers in cases of workplace disputes or in the labor disputes commission.

Contact us

Email: yara@g1ps.lt

Chairperson of Yara EBS
Nikolajs Timrots
+370 608 49146