SneakyBox Trade Union


Paulius Šalna

SneakyBox Trade Union was founded in 2024 and represents the employees of one of the largest computer game development companies in Lithuania. We strive to ensure job stability, clear and transparent communication with managers, and to represent the interests of employees, whether it's the improvement of the salary progression process, the refinement of the competency development process, or basic office amenities.

At the same time, we are trying to empower employees to express more clearly their wishes, grievances, needs and vision for the future of this workplace. By forming this workers' representative body, we are also seeking a clearer and more constructive dialogue with the employer.

Why now?

The last few years have been extremely turbulent in the computer games development industry, with a wave of layoffs around the world, numerous shutdowns, reduced project budgets, and a great sense of insecurity. To avoid this in the future, we decided that it was important to set up this trade union to bring more stability to these uncertain times.

How do we pursue our objectives?

Over a decade of work, a friendly relationship has naturally developed between employer and employee, but the absence of a union has left all the power in the hands of the employer and, consequently, the fluctuations of the wider market. The trade union seeks to redress this imbalance by empowering workers to represent their own interests, to anticipate risks in the wider market earlier and more clearly, and to prepare accordingly in order to minimise the damage to their well-being.

What's in it for me?

As a member of the SneakyBox Trade Union, you will be able to make your own proposals, voice your grievances and, if you wish, participate in the process of addressing these issues together: from the definition of objectives to the participation in concrete decision-making. As a member of the May 1st Trade Union, you will also benefit from their support: professional legal assistance and representation, labour law courses, or even free financial support in the event of a disaster.

But the most important benefit is the opportunity to have your voice heard. We build the well-being of the workplace together, so every employee's opinion is important to us.

Will my employer be informed about my membership?

Union membership is confidential. You can disclose it at your discretion, but by default this information is only known to union representatives.

Is it necessary to join a trade union?

Absolutely not. We strive to represent the interests of all workers, but being a member of the union will give you more ways to be heard, to see the internal processes, to participate in those processes yourself and, by supporting the union with a membership fee, to give us more opportunities to represent you effectively.

What is the membership fee?

We follow the G1PS statutes and accordingly we also charge a membership fee of 1% of your monthly earnings in hand. For more information on fundraising, exemptions, and use of funds, please see G1PS official website: