About G1PS


May 1st Labour Union is a union for all workers. Everyone of working age can join, regardless of their profession, social status or citizenship. Join us in striving towards these goals:

Democracy at work: We always back the workers and encourage them to organise at their workplaces. Only organised workers can efficiently stand up for their needs, safety, and emotional and physical health. We also support the idea of shortening the workweek, and we advocate for meaningful labour that adds purpose to a person’s life rather than having a job that is a necessary evil.

Sustainable economy: Economic activity cannot continue to be dependent on fossil fuels and the exploitation of the working class. As a union, we advocate for taxing the rich and the profits of the polluting industries and redistributing those resources to public services and sustainable economic activities. We believe it is essential to give sufficient attention and funding to retrain workers in polluting industries so that they can transition to jobs in sustainable fields.

Solidarity: We believe that a cohesive society can only be achieved by ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone. Consequently, we reject discrimination and exploitation in all forms. Within the union, we operate a mutual assistance network. We stand in solidarity with other unions, organisations, and communities that share our vision. In return, we expect their support in our endeavours.

Updated on G1PS General meeting in March 19th 2023