About G1PS


May 1st Labor Union (abbreviated G1PS) was founded in 2018 in Kaunas on International Workers Day. We chose this name to give the labor movement a new shape – we aim to organize workers and represent them in workplaces that have no labor unions.

We aim to protect workers’ rights and push towards progressive societal changes: sustainable economic activities, solidarity-based culture and politics. In 2019 G1PS Vilnius section was opened. In 2021 Couriers’ Association branch was started, which brings platform workers together.

G1PS offers free legal advice in Lithuanian, English and Russian. We seek to include and represent workers of various nationalities and backgrounds. Since beginning of 2023, Ukrainian migrants living in Neringa region formed their own association under G1PS umbrella. We support progressive social movements that advocate for human rights. In 2021, G1PS co-organized Kaunas Pride. We also support feminist struggles such as yearly March 8th events and stand for politics open for migrants and refugees.