G1PS does not tolerate abuse of any kind (physical, psychological, sexual, economic) and believes that a safe environment at home, at work, at university, at school and in the trade union is an important part of a dignified life. The trade union is first and foremost about uniting people around our principles. G1PS reserves the right not to deal with domestic situations and not to act as a judge, but violation of the principles and behavioural guidelines may result in the expulsion of the member(s) from the organisation.

Termination of membership for abusive behaviour

  • In case of any type of abuse from another G1PS member(s), please contact the Internal Communications Officer at help@g1ps.lt or via the dedicated form (below). No case will be disclosed without the consent of the person making the request. We believe that confidentiality is the companion of safety.

  • The Council will in turn take action, look into the individual case, meet with the parties involved and decide whether to terminate or maintain membership.

  • If a case of abuse is identified, the Council may refer the member to professional help, mediate meetings with lawyers, psychologists and social workers, and, if necessary, provide financial assistance.

  • We encourage you to contact us about other cases where you feel that the actions of other members are in any way harmful to other members or the organisation.

Am I experiencing abuse?

Often, especially in the cases of psychological abuse and in the context of close relationships, it is difficult to realise that the relationship is violent. Here are some definitions drawn up by professionals that can help you recognise and name the abuse you could be experiencing:

We invite you to remain open-minded, to come forward and to try to resolve your problems together. None of us deserves experiencing abuse, and it is never our fault. By tackling issues together, we can feel safer and stronger to deal with them


Approved in the Council meeting on 2023.09.07