Donate 0.6% to G1PS

Tax return time begins. We invite you to donate your tax share to G1PS!


3/8/20242 min read

You can give a part of your tax return to trade unions until 2 May this year. This donation is separate from the donation to non-governmental organisations or political parties.

Every year, people can give a share of their income tax:
0.6% to trade unions
1.2% to NGOs, associations and other organisations with beneficiary status
0.6% to political parties

In 2023, we received €9,469.58 in from income tax donations. We are happy that more and more people choose to give us their support every year!

This year has been a very busy one: G1PS has helped new employee initiatives to emerge, we have won a number of cases in the Labour Disputes Commission and in court, and we organised the first six-month labour law course for future G1PS consultants. We feel that more and more people have the courage to come forward, not only in case of trouble, but also to organise their colleagues and co-workers for better working conditions. The increasing participation of our employees encourages us to grow and to achieve even greater goals! Six years ago, we set up G1PS to represent those workers who are not reached by trade unions. Today, we are proud to be found in a wide range of fields, from petrol station workers to prestigious offices in Vilnius. The coming year is going to be full of activities and growing confidence!

Your support is not only an appreciation of our work, but also an empowerment for us to continue growing!

How to make a donation?

  1. Log in to the EDS system: (do not switch to English, for some reason the English version of the page does not include the donation form)

  2. Click on "Pildyti formą" ("Fill in the form").

  3. Select "Prašymas skirti paramą" ("Donation request").

  4. Click on the globe icon.

  5. This window will show you to whom you have already allocated your share of support (or that you have not). Click on "Pradėti" ("Start") at the bottom.

  6. Enter our organisation code 304866811 or the name "Gegužės 1-osios profesinė sąjunga". Once you have found our organisation, click "Tęsti" ("Continue").

  7. In the "Mokesčio dalies dydis" ("Share amount") box, enter '0.6' and select the year you want to donate up to (you can set the donation for several years ahead). You can leave the tax designation part blank. Click "Išsaugoti" ("Save").

  8. When you return to the original window, click "Taip, teisingi" ("Yes, correct") at the bottom.

  9. Once you have confirmed that the details are correct, click on "Formuoti prašymą" ("Form request") in the window that appears.

  10. To submit your request, click "Pateikti" ("Submit").

    If you have any trouble filling out the form, please reach out via, telegram or facebook and we will gladly walk you through it.

Visual instructions: