G1PS wins back a wage for a bar worker

With our help, a former employee of the Movido café has recovered his money. To our knowledge, this is not the first time the café has failed to pay its workers.


11/12/20211 min read

This time, however, the worker took photographs of work schedules and other documents.

Although we won the case in court back in autumn, the company’s director has still not paid the worker. It took half a year for bailiffs to recover the money, because the funds were simply not in the company’s account. As the bailiff explained, the only money in the account is the Covid grant from which the director paid her own salary, but the bailiffs cannot touch it. (A nice example of where state aid for business has gone.)

For many people, their first jobs are in cafés and bars, where they have to learn not only how to serve food and drink, but also the ABC of labour rights. Many catering companies do not keep track of working hours, do not pay for overtime, nights and holidays, and in some places you cannot even find employment contracts, especially if the person concerned is not from Lithuania. And then there are the many duties that are not listed in the contract. It would be good if these problems were confined to small businesses like Movido, but unfortunately, the giants of the sector, such as Charlie’s Pizza and other chain cafés, show as little respect for workers and their rights.