New G1PS labour law consulting team!

The G1PS labour law team has been expanded with six volunteer consultants


3/26/20241 min read

The G1PS labour law team has been expanded with six volunteer consultants, who are experienced trade union members. The six-month labour law course was organised by G1PS Chairperson Emilija Švobaitė and organiser Jurgis Valiukevičius together with guest speakers.

The course was prepared in such a way that dry theory---the Labour Code, local legislation, the rights of foreigners in the context of employment in Lithuania---was combined with detailed examination of real cases.

A lot of information was covered on strikes, collective agreements and practical examples of such agreements. Birutė Daškevičienė, President of the Achema Workers' Trade Union, presented the preparations for the 2021 strike, the procedural arrangements and the various challenges. The union's accountant explained the various subtleties of taxes related to employment and individual activity.

Advisers are available to help with clarification on employment contracts, wages, hours of work, psychological violence, collective agreements, strikes and other concerns at work.

Now we can do even more together!