G1PS members pay a monthly fee to be able to fund workers of the union, but as well, part of this fee goes to the solidarity fund. Out of this fund, you can get financial allowance in cases of emergency or financial difficulties, as well as non-interest loans.

Who can get financial allowance?

The financial allowance or loans are paid to union members who have paid membership fees for at least three months or have informed the union about their inability to pay the fee.

When can I ask my union for financial allowance?

Union financial allowance is provided in cases of:

  1. Inability to pay rent

  2. Inability to pay for health-related costs (visit to doctor, medicine, etc.)

  3. Inability to cover your basic needs in case of injury/emergency

  4. Inability to cover your child's educational/health/basic needs

  5. Other cases of temporary financial difficulties

If you want to ask for financial allowance, write a letter to g1ps@g1ps.lt informing us about the following:

  • The reason for asking for allowance (describe the situation very briefly);

  • The amount of money you are asking;

  • Your name, surname and bank account number to which transfer the money (if it is not your personal bank, write the bank holder’s name as well)

Your letter will be forwarded to council members. In a few days, we will get back to you with an answer or request for more information. The council keeps the right to propose a different amount of money in case the union budget is too small.

Example of letter

Because of the difficult financial situation, I am not able to cover my rent this month. I would like to ask the union to pay 100 euros in allowance.
My bank account number is LT66 6666 6666 6666. Bank holder’s name: Povilas Povilaitis.


Approved in the Council meeting on 2023.04.22
In this document, you find information on what conditions you can get allowance from the union, how to apply for it and how the decisions are made.